White Papers

As part of our mission, we believe in not only providing the highest quality products for the medical device market, but also assisting our customers with guidance, answers and solutions. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has a long history of material science innovation and expertise. We want to assist you with your material questions and our team is at your disposal to assist with your problems and share our knowledge. Browse our library of technical white papers or contact us directly if you have additional inquiries.

download whitepaper Effect of Sterilization on the Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubbers

By: Emilie Gautriaud, M.S., Keith T. Stafford, Jennifer Adamchuk, Ph.D., Mark W. Simon, Ph.D., and Duan Li Ou, Ph.D.*
*(corresponding author)

download whitepaper Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding

By: Jeff LeFan, M.Eng.

download whitepaper Two-Shot Silicone–Thermoplastic Medical Molding

By: Sarah J. Voss, Product Specialist, Medical. Co-authors: Mark Simon, Ph.D.; Danny Ou, Ph.D.; Adam Nadeau

download whitepaper The Development and Application of Extruded Silicone Tubing with Optimized Precision and Consistency for Fluid Management Applications

By: Adam Nadeau, Process Technology R&D Manager