Two-Shot Silicone Thermoplastic Molding

Two Shot Silicone Micromolding

Extraordinary Answers for Tomorrow's Challenges

Medical device manufacturers are constantly being challenged to demonstrate both innovation and value in new product design. Saint-Gobain Life Sciences processes and materials are developed with cost, superior quality, precision and safety in mind.

Our process engineers developed the two-shot silicone-thermoplastic molding process. This revolutionary method molds both a silicone and thermoplastic part in one press, eliminating the cost of secondary operations and assembly, and resulting in more consistent part quality and superior part performance. With traditional methods, these parts are molded separately and assembled. The two-shot process allows our design engineers greater freedom in part design. 

Benefits of the two-shot silicone-thermoplastic process:

  • Lower-cost parts
  • Increased bond strength between device components
  • Reduced part handling
  • Reduced validation costs
  • Quicker product delivery to market

Saint-Gobain engineers have the advanced capability to offer two-shot silicone molding with a wide variety of engineered materials to meet your demands. Our R&D experts conduct rigorous testing to ensure compatibility and thorough bonding of all materials.

You can learn more about our two-shot molding technology here.