Integrated solutions: Tooling

From Prototype to Production

Critical medical procedures rely upon a physician's knowledge and expertise, but also on the quality and consistency of the medical devices being used. As a result, part design, raw material choice and manufacturing techniques can greatly impact the performance of medical devices and patient outcomes.

Saint-Gobain is an industry leader in developing prototype and production tooling for silicone and thermoplastic molded components. Our teams of engineers and journeymen toolmakers work together, combining decades of experience with state of the art machining equipment including CNC and EDM machines with the latest design support software to design and manufacture a precision tool for your specific project needs.

Fast Track to Product Launch

Time is of the essence when it comes to the development and launch of new products. Saint-Gobain's in-house tooling services help you take your products to market faster by eliminating outside vendors, hidden problems and possible delays. Working closely with your engineers, we will design and build a prototype mold that is capable of producing production quality parts in a fraction of the time and at reasonable cost.

Our fast-track approach to prototyping means you have quality parts quickly for evaluation and testing. Throughout the iterative prototyping process, we work with you to fine-tune and modify the tool to accommodate design changes that result from your prototype testing and analysis. These iterative steps can then be carried over to the production tool, minimizing process development times and helping to keep your project timeline on track.

Saint-Gobain's application and tooling engineers are available to assist you in transitioning your design concepts to successful medical devices.