thermoplastics ND Twist tubing

Precision Performance for Critical Care

Life-saving treatments call for medical devices, products and materials that deliver precision performance to some of the most critically ill patients. From kidney dialysis to chemotherapy treatments, patients and their doctors rely on you to provide the highest quality components for the critical fluid path.

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences delivers on that promise with our custom formulations. We formulate our flexible thermoplastic materials to meet the strictest regulatory requirements, such as USP Class VI. Beginning with a base polymer, our formulations are modified by a variety of additives chosen specifically to optimize the physical and chemical properties without compromising important characteristics such as biocompatibility and flexibility.

  • Crystal clear for easy visualization of fluid flow
  • Custom formulated to match precision flow rate requirements
  • Ideal for contact with bodily fluids
  • Non-wetting surface permits complete drainage

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