Thermoplastic Products Overview

Thermoplastic products overview Tygon 100-80

Thermoplastics for a Complex World

The medical field is complex and evolving, with new treatments and discoveries requiring more advanced products and equipment. Keeping pace with the rapidly changing industry requires extensive experience, constant research, and the resources to match the demand. At Saint-Gobain, our commitment to the development and production of new technologies has made us a leader in the field.

Tygon® tubing products are just one example of that commitment. Our chemists have developed a specific formula for each Tygon tubing product. All materials and ingredients are carefully selected, qualified and specified to achieve accurate chemical composition, the highest purity and superior toxicological safety. We record the composition of our formulations with the exact combinations to ensure consistency and accuracy of our products every time.

Learn more about thermoplastics with Basics 101: Thermoplastics.

Not finding what you're looking for? Our Application Engineers can work with you to help identify the proper formulation for your application, or our R & D team can assist in developing a unique formulation for your needs. Read more about Tygon® custom formulations.

Available Tygon®  Products:

  • Tygon® ND Series
  • Tygon® S-97-E
  • Tygon® S-22-216
  • Tygon® S-74
  • Tygon® MPF 100
  • Tygon® MPF 300