Rapid Prototyping

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Functional, Effective, Fast

Whether it is a product freshening or a completely new design, iterative improvements are part of the innovation process. Saint-Gobain stands ready to assist you with rapid prototyping capabilities. Bring us your concept or drawing, and we can quickly produce an advanced prototype from production intent material.

Let Saint-Gobain make your drawings come to life in the form of a rigid 3D model or a functional silicone component, and beyond.

Our teams of engineers and designers will work with you in developing a manufacturable design and recommend a material that meets your performance requirements. Saint-Gobain's in-house journeymen toolmakers produce quality molds using advanced molding-grade steel and precise, high-speed CNC machining. With the ability to test multiple designs throughout the pre-production phase, rapid prototyping will help you to get your medical device to the market as fast as possible.

Through our rapid prototyping process, Saint-Gobain offers:

  • 10 parts in 10 days or less
  • Production intent material
  • Dimensionally accurate prototypes
  • Fully functional models
  • Full IQ/OQ/PQ and article validation
  • Single cavity tools
  • Molding-grade steel

At Saint-Gobain, we understand and meet your most urgent needs. We offer experience, superior quality and our commitment to excellence throughout the design and development process. To learn more about how rapid prototyping can meet your application needs, click here.