Medical Molding

With greater focus on improved patient outcomes and satisfaction, health care providers expect technological advances in the medical device market. At Saint-Gobain, we have the breadth of technical expertise to provide molded parts for any complex design.

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Medical Molding
lsr/hcr molding

LSR/HCR Molding

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and high consistency rubber (HCR) molding offer an efficient, cost-effective method for producing higher part volumes with faster cycle times.

silicone micromolding

Silicone Micromolding

Our silicone micromolding capability allows us to create micro-sized parts with complex geometries and extremely tight tolerances.

two-shot silicone thermoplastic molding

Two-Shot Silicone Thermoplastic Molding

With two-shot silicone-thermoplastic molding, Saint-Gobain molds a silicone and thermoplastic part in one process and in one press.



Saint-Gobain's insert and overmolding processes offer reduced design time and cost without sacrificing performance.

Compression/Transfer Molding

Compression/Transfer Molding

Compression and transfer molding offers a variety of raw material options and customization based on specific application requirements.