Material Expertise

Backed by a proud heritage of advanced materials expertise, Saint-Gobain brings an unparalleled knowledge of high-performance polymers to the medical market.

Material Expertise
material expertise - custom silicone formulations

Custom Silicone Formulations

Silicone is an ideal material for a variety of medical device applications. We develop precise, consistently manufactured silicone parts through our custom compounding capability.

material expertise - thermoplastic products overview

Thermoplastic Products Overview

Our advanced processing ability allows us to produce thermoplastic materials in a broad range of chemistries.

material expertise - other material products

Other Materials

We develop unique material compounds and processing techniques to create custom formulations for specific user needs.

material expertise - fluoropolymer and engineered products

Fluoropolymers and Engineered Materials

Saint-Gobain applies our extensive materials expertise to maximize the properties of fluoropolymers and engineered materials.

FEP gas sample bag

FEP Bags and Container Vessels

For more information on FEP Bags and Container Vessels, please visit our sister site,