LSR/HCR Molding

LSR/HCR molding, BioSil SB

Meeting Design and Product Challenges

Today's complex medical procedures demand consistency and reliability to ensure positive outcomes and patient safety. Silicone has long been a material of choice for the most challenging component designs due to its superior fluid handling characteristics and inherent biocompatibility.

At Saint-Gobain, our application development engineers have the technical training and expertise to understand how specific components will function within the final application, and will determine the appropriate molding process to meet your specific needs. We understand the factors and intricacies that can affect the silicone molding process:

  • Complexity and part specifications
  • Material requirements
  • Allowable part tolerances
  • Volume and number of parts
  • Economic restrictions

Confused about the molding methods available and which is best for your application? Learn more about Saint-Gobain’s expertise and advanced capabilities:

Silicone Micromolding 
Two-Shot Silicone-Thermoplastic Molding 
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