Compression / Transfer Molding

Compression/Transfer Molding

The right molding option, every time

With a wide range of molding options available, you may not know how to choose the right solution for your particular application. Saint-Gobain application engineers can recommend the best molding option for your specific need.

Compression and Transfer Molding

Traditional high compression or transfer molding offers numerous advantages, including a wide variety of raw material choices and greater customization or modification to meet your unique design specifications. These methods use silicone "gum rubber," often referred to as high-viscosity/heat-cured rubber (HCR).

Our application engineers will consult with you regarding your specific application and provide materials recommendations and molding methods based on:

  • Specific project needs
  • Volume of parts per year
  • Specific design

Questions? Contact us and we will recommend the best molding process for your product.