Compass Technology™

Compass Technology, consistently precise

With rapidly advancing technologies and increasing regulatory requirements, today’s health care providers demand value-based medical devices that exhibit superior levels of quality and precision, without a premium price.

Saint-Gobain developed Compass Technology™ to maximize consistency in extruded silicone tubing. This allows you to minimize flow rate variability and enhance the performance of your fluid handling medical device.

Compass Technology is a unique approach to silicone extrusion, providing:

  • Consistent dimensional control with precise tolerance
  • Optimized formulations specific to your application
  • Fluid system modeling at the product design phase

With Compass Technology, a closed-loop system automatically adjusts the extrusion process to reduce variation within a production run, while ensuring lot-to-lot consistency. In-process dimensional data is continuously captured and available as part of a detailed data package to expedite product validation for medical device OEMs.

Extruded tubing manufactured with Compass Technology is ideal for a wide variety of medical applications, including ophthalmic pumps, enteral feeding, and IV therapy.

Compass Technology allows our chemists and engineers to optimize the material formulation and manufacturing process to minimize product variability, helping to ensure the consistency of the performance of your medical device. Throughout the development phase, we work with you to develop extruded components that will meet the requirements for your specific application.

To learn more about Compass Technology and its applications, visit our Silicone products and materials page.